Do It For Love Testo

Testo Do It For Love

I do it for the love, yes I do
So you don't care about the money? well yes it's true
And I'm so blessed to be fulfilling my destiny
All material things could mean less to me
Only thing I ever could need is a Sara B sample with a dope ass beat
And get the mic check (check) are the levels right?
And if it's good then I'll be here for several nights
Cuz the only thing I need is a strong supporting team
The most important thing that helps supporting my dream
And I can't forget my family, Helpin keep my sanity
No matter what I do i kno othey'll always stand for me

Cuz I can only do me that's all I know
Dodge the difficulties and take life slow
And if I ever slow up u know I'll always show up
It's still the same old me even-even if I blow up
Love is what I do it for
Love is why I'm rapping
Love is the main reason for how all of this happened
Love for all my fans love for all the shows
Got love for all my memories no matter where I go
Even if I amount to nothin, I know there's always something
It's not a fitness test but it'll always keep me running
One good thing bout music when it hits u feel no pain
So I keep it close to me make sure it never goes away
Uh From the start I knew it in my heart
If I made 1 person happy then I know I did my part
Now if I stay into it and people dig the music
I put on for my cities and know I'll always do it
For love