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Testo Much More

You know I do it to prove 'em wrong
Yeah, yeah, yeah, ayy

Just at 2AM, me and Khaled plottin' on a milli
Close to the tipping point, I can almost feel it
Chinese food for lunch, shout out univilla
Labels tryna put they bid up
Giants ask for my get up
I could see the vision clearer
Ayy, 20/20 how I view it
Bay Area like Lex coupes and Buicks
Now they tryna act like they knew it
Yeah, but I been aware now
Feel like me and life been havin' stare downs
And plottin' on the stareout
Just don't wanna miss any steps
Rarely do I get to this in depth
Tip level when I get on my backpack
Bet that she gon' pop it without postin' a hashtag
Now in need of no backlash
'Cause life already made me and I ain't even made it
Uh, yeah, all the roads that my OG's paved
Peace of mind been gone these days
Pro surfer when I'm on these waves
Either way, yeah, we gon' be straight
That's on mommies and grannies
Move like they understand me
Don't take it and then panic
Use that shit as a lesson
'Cause you can always be lesser
And there can always be worse
Whole squad, yeah, we came from the dirt
Never had it, yeah, we takin' it first
Got some blood on my shirt
Uh, yeah 'cause we killin' them boys
They want a rear, now we fillin' the void
Move around like I been here before
Ben knew I was gon' be this
Since a fetus, got my stripes like Adidas
Got them visions of arenas
Zereod out like arenas
So I'm still gon' shoot 'til I score
Vest on 'cause I know it's a war
It's a battle for your mind and your spirit
That's all you really got
Better hold that the nearest
They prayin', hope that you fear 'em
Yeah 'cause fear is control