Bumbaclart Riddim Testo

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Testo Bumbaclart Riddim

All his girlfriends ain't got a body like him
Cause he might have bad talk, bad mindin' (Ayy)
Never could see a badman your size and
See, I'm never gonna get struck by lightning (What?)
Chill aside him, should I MP5 him? (Whoa)
One first time we ever see them arriving (What?)
2% is writing (Yeah)
One body come in, still timing (Mmm)

Everybody in trouble when a brother start whiling
Nah, don't tell them bout a siren
But I'm in a jar, man think that I'm tiring
Tiring, punch a man into retirement
Why are these man's sex life exciting?
In a bedroom, MC Simon
Never read thе R1 to me enlightenеd
Why are man vibing?
Come, my ting is vibrant (Gang)