Say It Again Testo

Testo Say It Again

Featuring Monsta G & Pac Div

Big money, Pac Div, MG, yea
Monsta Ganja, DR Dirty
That’s how we do it on the west coast

Catch me in the ’88, money call, they smooth the ceiling
Rolling up a couple of dudes up and inhaling
Carson, Long Beach, Compton, Watts
South 12 Freeway with 405
Extra limits and add rubber, you know they live
Headed to my brother’s crib to catch that vibe
I belong to 23rd, yea that’s the word
All the sims and essays, yea them got birds
And Mr Bob Marley, me love the herb
Roll it up, light some up just to calm your nerves
Need a stress relief, don’t die, just beat
Some moron hippie still a gangsta, snap a tick, nigga

Uh, my grandma is on the cover of our ladies’ strip
She jumped out and whoop yo ass on some gangsta shit
You used to play hoops on the set before
Landing like on some downstairs Megan shit
Listening to Doup Records
Shit could deeper than a 2 Pac letter
2 mack sweaters then got popular
Thanks to the mayors of LA, yea aha aha
GNB poppin up, ain’t a thing stopping us
Don’t talk a lot unless you talk about of bucks
Buckle up, this is the blast reverse
Nobody got the drop on us, then got and got a octopus
New Year, see clinches, health care, clean bitches
Now I’m tryna pull up in yo green center
Niggas buy the style, they just remixers
On the low, studio hoes tryna creep with us
This jack drama jill and it’s P-Miller
On the 1-10, slappin ’03 dealer
Oh he’s kill it, you can talk LeBron James all day
The ’99 Kobe, he’s iller
Get on yo job, play yo defense
Don’t let these broads be yo weakness
Niggas is getting lost in the weekend
Shootin somewhere, applying for jobs on the weekend
Niggas be going hard straight to Keaton
Nigga you in the car playin weekend
Smooth as the bars when we sing
Get permission from the stars ‘fore you speak
Spoken like a deacon