Do U Like Me Testo

Testo Do U Like Me

Heedi Blacc on the track, wats pimping sweetie I know you got a man and all but I'm P&G

You wuld never meet a playa quite like me cause my money make the haters wanna fight me cause you being me is not likely I got one question to ask do you like me ah do you ah do you like me I got one question to ask ah do you like me I got one question to ask ah do you like me I got one question to ask ok sure you do

[Verse 1: Ivo]
I need the digits so let's get the numbers straight I dealt with more girls with more curves then the number 8 no gas I'm feelin the swag shorty feelin the swag I'm willin to bag I'm willin to tag she feelin the same I'm feelin her ass she tol me that she feelin my name I told her I'm a pimp she told me she can't complain she know that I'm P&G she really feelin the game, the rules pretty simple I ain't tryna gas you but I got the type of swag that make chicks react to I don't throw no g the game quite naturally don't ball cause I want to I do it cause I have to the truth is I ain't lookin for a wifey and you wuld never meet a dude quite like me you alreadie know who I be "ID" I got one question for you do you like me

[Verse 2: I'll-O]
"Ha Millz Said You Like Me" prolly cause my neck so icy and my wrist so pricey my swag make ya boyfriend dislike me he don't like me, she don't like me I ain't mad at her I'll-o get more dates then a calendar get juicy yea I'm the man jewel game make em wanna pop like a fryin pan I ain't got feelins where my heart she say o so green he shuld glow in the dark I'm bout my money ben franklins excetira if you ain't gon put a word girl I get rid of ya P&G good to go cause my slow flow is remarkable diamonds blue neo gasin a bitch head like Ms Cleo

[Verse 3: Heedi Blacc]
Uh Huh Heedi Blacc On The Track Ah Wat You really really know about that I see you lookin at my ring so icy but I really wanna know is do you like me my P&G swag is original wats goin on later on can I get with you it don't matter cause I know you got a man so are you down for dat one night stand are you mad at me not at all you lookin at me like a fool dam mama fall give me ya numba and for sure I'm a call I'll have you like chris brown from walla to wall the world around me so for sure I'm a ride baby I'm a real n**** like ya boy plies I know you see da bling and da four finger ring don't even ask me y it's a P&G thing

[Outro: I'll-o]
See I Knew You Liked Me You Was Frontin I Knew You Liked Me(hahaha)you ain't gotta front like dat I know you like da kid I know you like me you like P&G to don't you, you like me friend to don't you