Spit In The Wind Testo

Testo Spit In The Wind

[Verse 1]
You've been gathered to this meetin' by a wolf in a sheep skin
Slick talkin' heathen, even spit when I'm sleepin'
Dope MC by day and super rapper in the evenin'
I'm the man that your ex hails when she breathes in
Plague is the legion that I pledge my allegiance
We the kings in any region plus it's ass kickin' season
Shit we lookin for a reason, last cretin caught reachin'
Got pulled over speedin' while retreatin' from the beatin'
We diamonds in the rough, packin' seats in arenas
You rhinestones in sequins open-micin' on the weekend
I doubt that you could test the fleet without peekin' or cheatin'
We beefin' if I even think you speakin' out of sequence
Spit fire like a demon, blessin' raps with the Deacon
Distinguished on the mic like I'm speakin' king's english
You wake up with the fever dreamin' that you can defeat us
But we don't buy that shit either because seein' is believin'

[Chorus x2]
Whatever you throw our way, we throw right back
Catch. Bitch, don't flinch
Whatever you throw our way, we throw right back
So don't you spit in the wind

[Verse 2]
There ain't too many who can hang, think you better, do your thang
shit you threw my way came back at you like a boomerang
Think I'm new to the game? This ain't a fuckin' movie mayne
Shit you people do for fame, pimp yourself like Pootie Tang
Ruthless with the Brooklyn slang, rollin' with the crooked game
Mad because we took your dame, shit we could have took your chain
Now it's just a fuckin' shame, told your friends we used to hang
Groupie bitches do the same, shoulda never shook your hand
What the hell's it gonna take for you to get this through your brain?
Couldn't get the picture, so I guess I'll just remove the frame
Who's to blame? You my friend. Ain't nothin' here for you to gain
Got set up to lose again, by now you should be used to pain
Can't see me in raps, so in battles better use a cane
Leave you dancin' on the train, beggin random dudes for change
Frontin' like a shooter when you know you shoulda took the lane
Even John Henry couldn't fuck with tracks I used to bang

[Chorus x2]