On Road Testo

Testo On Road

Made a killing off the album, almost blew all of my balance
Pros and cons of being the CFO and the talent
Reinvesting everything, rarely do I treat myself
Barely do they tell the truth, me, I always be myself
They be going mirror mirror, me, I only see myself
They be made by the man, me, I never needed help
This might be the year that I go overboard
Stepping on some toes and run my shit like an overlord
I'm just done taking orders, I got my confidence up
I want my team to get some respect when you talking to us
You put the chips on the table, I just been calling you bluff
I just been busy dodging these digits, I don't call enough
Falling in and out of love, I don't want a ball and chain
I just wanna ball, and I wanna buy all the chains
People talking, now want all the names
I put the bar up in my city, I want all the gains

On road to the hall of fame
(I'm on Road to the Hall of Fame)

First I need my name up in the rafters
Got the taste of win and I'm never going backwards
Everything I do, I do it major like the masters
This is for that girl that made me feel like I was average
I keep flying out the city, she carry the baggage
Oh my goodness, I just got the one up
Locally I do it big, globally I'm on the come up
Check the numbers, not the pedigree, I can not be duplicated, Imma leave a legacy
They forgot to show me love, now they all remember me
I do not address it much, I need all my energy
Waving to the people when I'm leaving town
Wavy to the people, I won't let them drown
Crazy to the girls, cause I never be around
I don't think they understand the urgency, I need it now
If you sleeping, sorry, I ain't about to keep it down
Me and the boys are going up, find us in the clouds

I remember coming up, it's time to double up
I learned the ropes, and now I'm playing double dutch
I get no love in this rap game, it's him and her and such and such
They try to block the kid, I learned the double clutch
Never given no platform, I just made my own
Said I would go get it, I did, and then I came back home
Everyone in my circle Area 51, I did a lot of shit on my bucket list, but it isn't done

Nah this isn't done
This isn't done
I swear this isn't done