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Testo Plair

All my mail still gets sent up north
I ain't shut down the office I set up more
I been on the road cashin' checks
Check the cash, pay the bill, keep it short if I get asked
Now I hate authority figs
These shows make me want to date sorority chicks
I don't really think I'm a player but my stats back it
Imma be the Cinderella in my tax bracket
Boom Shock
Flocka with the flame
Tube sock rocker
Fresh like Binaca
Been places seen faces too
But my favorites are the dead presidents
Why I got the most fans and the least presses
Lord bless us, we just want to live
We just want it all, cuz we just want to give
And if I ever see the words it ends, better start with div
Know what I'm sayin'
Why put it down for these choes no delayin'
Got the lingo they don't know what we sayin'
Don't need to stop game for the replayin'
That nice, checkin' the game
Drop 50 like half price punchin' the hook got Ali like halfpipes
I'll slip even if I rock black ice
That plair

[Hook: Packy]
I got that plair
That plair
That plair
That shit that make everyone stare
I got that plair
That plair
That plair
They not in my circle they square
I got that wierd doe
That not what you're used to
For my people that stand out, do you
Make way for the new school
You don't gotta be like everybody baby who knew
(You don't gotta be like everybody) baby who knew
(You don't gotta be like everybody) baby who knew
(You don't gotta be like everybody) baby who knew
(You don't gotta be like everybody) baby who knew
(You don't gotta be like everybody) baby who knew
(You don't gotta be like everybody) baby who knew
(You don't gotta be like everybody) baby who knew
You don't gotta be like everybody just do you

That plair, that plair, that plair
Kobe Bryant Chris Webber
Hey all ballin' we bouncin' that's clever
Will we ever stop
No no never
Bounce please
Keep it on the low
Everything that we 'bout to do it for
20 a W greatest weed smoke'll get the, stress up, off of, my, mind
Straight up
See this poetess, that boy there a genius
That can't get the women
You love off his penis
For Venus Serena like Tennis the meanest
Back and forth and back and forth until he finish
Bounce the ball ya shoot until I hit it
I figured out how to dunk and then I did it
Like to say right away I keep it simple
My pimpin' friends like to say I keep it pimpin'
So I guess that's exactly what I'm doin'
Smooth [???]
So fuck is you doin'
Wastin' time takin' either way you got to speed up the pace
This paper flip ain't a weight, chill
And I hate wait
Shit damn
Gotta be good at this cuz I'm just doin' this and I ain't even tryin'
I'm the greatest of my time
Studied every rhyme and I don't like your position
So I got right on a mission to change the lights in my kitchen
Now I'm ready to sit in
I'm at the top of your mission
So you sit up in your chair and watch that nigga over there
Watch the plair

[Hook: Packy]

I'm a player and I'm the most valuable
You ain't know nigga now you know
It's not about what you go through but it's about how you go
Better yet how you rode through this shit
My old chick in the club tryin' to get my attention but I don't want nothing to do with it
Real players
A few exist
And I'm one of them
My women tell me yes but a few resist
But I don't sweat none
Soon as they act up I treat 'em like step sons
Then I find myself alone thinkin' about my hommies
That's when all stress comes
Got a nigga screamin' out more love less guns
But where I'm from niggas can't run
Where I'm from you niggas can't come
Catchin' on that dirty money got the stank thumb
Cash your check after check until the bank run
Outta that money
I ain't playin'
I know I said I was a player but nigga Lebron James
Every time it's game day I'm hearin' my mom sayin' baby take it to the shit
Niggas better play defense cuz you can't stop my pen do not pretend
If I ain't droppin' jams I'm droppin' gems
That why Hendrix no shirt
I'm clockin' in
Got the win before a nigga count to ten because I'm a motherfuckin' plair

[Hook: Packy]