I Ain't Perfect Testo

Testo I Ain't Perfect

(feat. Mista Madd, Yung Ro)

[Verse One: Yung Ro]
I should be thankful that I can rap, and help people with words
They say Imma preacher motivational speaker, but it hurts
To see my people selfish when I tried so hard daily
I feel weak, but I can't hate or question the way that god made me
I just can't return to evil, see I ain't got what it takes
I feel the strongest when I'm lovin, but so weak when I hate
And yeah I say it I get high until I'm stuck ain't sittin up
A grown man full of tears, and I'm so close to givin up

[Mista Madd]
Naw givin up is not a option for cats like you and me
To many people live they life dreamin through people like you and me
It's a big burden dawg, a big responsibility
To be righteous in a world that don't be respectin you and me
I found, the harder ya try the more satin creeps up
You ask god to speak louder, then satin speaks up
Beef up dawg, see you've got to be a soldier
You are the ?? the world needs ya shoulders

[Hook: Yung Ro and Mista Madd]
But I ain't perfect (it's alright dawg)
Cuz I ain't perfect (I know)
But I ain't perfect (but look)
I ain't perfect (ya feel me)
I ain't perfect (yung rizo dawg)
I ain't perfect (ya feel me) (I know)
But I ain't perfect (yung rizo)
But I ain't perfect

[Verse Two: Mista Madd]
I'm just a perfect imperfection, touched by the grace of his hand
At my lowest points he holds me and extends his hands
And all though I know I ain't perfect, I try hard to be perfect
But inside I'm crumblin, Y'all to busy lookin at my surface
As I try to keep my head up, usually it's a front
I'm in a million broke pieces, and I'm crumbled up
And I apologize cuz I spread so much pain in ??
I find myself fightin back tears tryna be strong for my breathin mama (stay
I often blame myself for my fathers passin
So forgive me, dead mama is what I'm askin
And if I could wish us all perfect, Id do it like hocus pocus (haha)
Cuz during this song, I lost my focus

[Yung Ro]
I lose it sometimes too, but who am I to judge you
I got my job homie, leave that for the man above you
Cuz what would you do, if you was me my nigga?
We already know, the same as me my nigga

[Hook: Yung Ro and Mista Madd]
But I ain't perfect (uh uh)
But I ain't perfect (ya know, yung rizo)
I ain't perfect (ya know)
I ain't perfect (no changin my game ya know)
Cuz I ain't perfect (haha, me neither dawg)
I ain't perfect (listen to me tho)
I ain't perfect
I ain't perfect (gyeah)

[Verse Three: Yung Ro]
Listen up
I feel bad cuz I pimp chicks then I hurry 'em out
Holla I got a mamma and sista to worry about
A lot of worries and doubts, a lot of pain on my mind
And I ain't got time for your lame ass rhymes
You gangsta ass nigga, you real ass nigga
You murda murda murda shoot 'em up, kill ass nigga
I don't feel y'all niggaz, I'm on some other shit
Like mashin for hatta, ?? and my big brotha shit
Yeah I cuss yeah I smoke, and drugs damaged my health
And some other bad thangs I rather keep to myself
And I'm sorry for what I did, I know I was wrong
Somebody say they perfect, come on cast the verse ??

[Mista Madd]
Yung ro I can say pray on all your imperfections
Without god remember your head in the wrong direction
Just be good, or at least better than all the rest
Until your good is better, and your better is best

[Hook: Yung Ro and Mista Madd]
I try but I ain't prefect (uh uh)
I ain't perfect (ye)
I ain't perfect (ya know)
Cuz I ain't perfect (uh uh, ya feel me, who am I?)
I ain't perfect (not at all homie)
I ain't perfect (who is ya know?, nobody)
I ain't perfect (ye)
I'm not perfect (ya feel me, uh)