Dea Pecuniae Testo

Testo Dea Pecuniae

[I. Mr. Money]

[Miss Mediocraty:]
"Hey there sweetie. Don't I know you? I swear I recognize your face...
and those beautiful eyes... You know, they say the eyes are the
doorway to ones soul... There's a smile. A little shy, aren't we? Hey,
do you wanna get out of here

[Mr. Money:]
Hey Miss Mediocrity, gee, I'm sorry
You've seen me on TV, I'm Mr. Money
Now you want someone to hold you
And call when you're in town
Someone to calm you and confirm you
Well, I'm here... let you down
'Cause outside these sexy cars
And far from my trendy bars
Behind these smiles...
[Miss Mediocraty:]
"...maybe go someplace..."
[Mr. Money:]
...And sunscreen...
[Miss Mediocraty:]
"...more quiet, where we could... you know... talk!"
[Mr. Money:]
...And "Live the Dream!"s...
[Miss Mediocraty:]
"...and get to know each other..."
[Mr. Money:]
I am cold!
[Miss Mediocraty:]
[Mr. Money:]
And mean!

[Miss Mediocraty:]
"How about a ride in that Bentley up front? It's yours isn't it? I'll
be a good girl, I promise!
...or bad...
...whatever you like!"

[Mr. Money:]
Daily Finance - that's me in the Armani
Three Mercedes 350, two Ferraris
I Could have bought a Third World country
With the riches that I've spent
But hey
All modern economics claim that I deserved
Every single cent
And the one time I'm the lesser half
Is when we split the tab
So here's to Friends, Family and Liberty, Genuinity, here's to
Happiness, Success, Good Press, No Stress...
But most of all...

Here's to Me!
Here's to Me!
Here's to Me!
There will be nothing left...
Here's to Me! ([Dea Pecuniae:] Oh baby, baby)
Here's to Me! ([Dea Pecuniae:] I'll take care of you)
Here's to Me!
There will be nothing left...
Nothing left...
...for you

[Dea Pecuniae:]
"If you're looking for fulfillment
A Kingdom and a Crown
A Paradise of Free Rides
I am here... let you down
I'll get you the sexy cars
And a taste of divinity
A glimpse of the Stars
But then Vanity
Will leave you dried and scarred
([Mr. Money:] That's right, oh, give it to me!)

Here's to Me! ([Mr. Money:] Oh baby, baby)
Here's to Me! ([Mr. Money:] You'll take care of me)
Here's to Me!
To me"

[II. Permanere]

[Mr. Money:]
But then when it's silent
And the lights from the bars go down
I need comforting
'Cause somewhere there deep inside
Feelings of loss arise
And I hate to lose!

[III: I Raise My Glass]

They say it's lonely at the top
Then I'm as lonely as can be
But I am not too sorry
You see, I've chosen this company
I got myself a winning team
It's Me, Myself and I
You bet it's lonely at the top old friends
And I'm here today to tell you suckers why!
(Dea Pecuniae!)