Through The Distance Testo

Testo Through The Distance

When I was a child I saw her every day.
I never dared to touch her,
Scared to break that spell,
And now the years have passed us by,
And all that could've been is left behind
'Cause I loved her safe from the distance

Every day a million people flow the street, their faces blank
They talk but do not ever meet.
They all have important things to do.
They all have things to watch on TV.
'Cause they all watch life safe from a distance.
They all touch love safe from a distance.

But I want it!
And I need it!
Come and touch me!
Come and reach me!
Through a distance...
'Cause we all live life safe from a distance,
But my heart will bleed through all this distance,
And my voice will cry all through the distance.