Beautiful You Testo

Testo Beautiful You

When we came together, I took it all too far
Barricade the bedroom, let me drown in your arms

Bottles in the window, catch the fading sun
Tell me that we’re still so young,
but you’re wrong, so wrong

I felt forever in a day, and then I let it slip away
So are you happy where you are?
So far from me, still all I need is you, beautiful you,
with poison in your locket, filthy hand in mind

So lost to me, all I could never be is you, beautiful you,
a martyr in your garters, harder than I’ll ever be

Now I see you, sunken-eyed and restless sucking filters,
swollen pride in dresses made for children

You pinned me like a film star on your bedroom wall
I told you all I knew was true, you laughed and said, “that’s all?”

I miss you in the morning, holding on to fading dreams
I could never believe

I lost forever in a day, and still I’ve never felt the same
So are you happy where you are?