Friends Testo

Testo Friends

So this is the way we say thank you for staying so close
to my side for all these years
I've watched you slip as we grow old
And the walls are stained with memories to each his own
My favorite is the time I held you
off the edge then let go
Don't close your eyes and everything will be just fine
You carry disease, I carry the only remedy
And once you ingest the side effects are permanent
This is how they found you
the same way that I left you
Your body holds the evidence
the obvious is put on display again
Actions have spoken loud, words have begun to fail
You never gave a thought to help
so help yourself, I know you will
And you're very proud I envy your seasoned skill
A scratch of the surface seemed so small
but take a look what's revealed
Just close your eyes
and I will make everything alright