Houston, We Have A Problem Testo

Testo Houston, We Have A Problem

Drink my tears.
They are oil in the fire.
Taste the pain
That turns the wheel.
Drink my sweat
From shift to shift
Our pain was the
labour for the birth
of a new morning.
It´s right in my heart
The anger inside
Carlos death proved again
It´s us versus them.

Calling for action.
So rise people rise.
To end the days we spent in hell
We will spark the fire.

It´s a struggle for a better wage
It´s a fight for better days
It´s a struggle for freedom and joy.

With every brick and every song
we rock the nations.
We are passionate, we are strong, we are proud
and every day we find ways
to fight on the rebellious side of life.
Spark the fire