Universe Testo

Testo Universe

The smell is all around meOf things I cannot buyShiny and attractiveMakes you wonder whyLife is like a lotteryIt already starts at birthWhen oyu?re not a chosen oneYou?ll end up in the dirtCrying is forbiddenFor those who are in needCan?t give in to sicknessFor there are mouths to feedIt feels like amputationTo lose your goal in lifeI want to run away and hideAnd never come back againThe pink and yellow ladiesAre holding their stomaches inThey can?t stand seeing meEating from a binThey think I?m a shitheadBegging for some foodWell, he surely dies on usThat present-day Robin HoodI?ve never seen the seaI?ve never climbed a mountainCan someone please explain itI?ve never found no GodI?ve never seen an angelCan someone please explain itAlready in the morning I?m defeated by the day