Slippin Testo

Testo Slippin

[Kangol Slim]
You wasn't chillin' on no set with no fully automatic Tec
We caught you bitches slippin' and we pissed on your set
No we didn't pop you up, and watch you bleed to death
You played with Partners-N-Crime, and now you takin' yo last breath
Now everybody's claimin' to be a ruler ass gangsta
But we gonna let you know who the real nigga's is
It's a Big Boy nigga,
A Sporty T nigga,
A Black Menance nigga
Got the bitches and money, while we ridin' on yo set
We gone get fucked up, my nigga Meanor brought an forty and
We don't need cup's, Lil' Ya was chillin'
Yella's home talkin' on the phone
and we're pissin' on 6th and Baronne
U.N.L.V. U.N.L.V. a bunch a fake motherfuckers on that 1-2-3
Always brangin' , stuntin' like they got a pocket full of stones
Let's kick a lil' somethin' bout 6th and Baronne