So Attracted Testo

Testo So Attracted

(feat. 5th Ward Weebie)

What's yo name girl?
I'm so attracted to you
To you
If I could only have you in my world
There is so much I would do
For You

What''s yo name girl?
Everybody wanna kno your name
I been peepin you
And I like your game
And I wanna be down.

When you do your thang, girl
All eyes on you on the floor
Grabbin everyones attention
And they all wanna know
Who is that girl that's makin me go.

I love it when you shake and back it on me
I love it when you work it instantly.
Ooo, girl you know you fine and so sweet
By tha way baby girl could you please tell me

You so pretty, you so fine
I'm so on ya you so mine.
I'm your type, you my kind
Can't get ya face out my mind.

Pretty brown eyes, nice cute face.
We could take it right back to my place
Nice a** on her with a slim waist.
Pop a few? that he'll take.
What it's gone take.
I'll pay for it.
I'm impatient I can't wait for it
I'm a keep it real
I ain't playin games
Before this song over girl tell me what's tour name.


Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

I said what's your name girl?
Yeah I'm tryna make you my main girl
I like you cause you doin your thang
I ain't lyin
I wanna see you work it
How you dip and bring it low
And pick it up and let me surf it

A fool like that
You know who I be
Cash 5th Ward Weebie with PNC
The only reason why you here
Because you need that beat
And I'm a give it how you want it
If you leave with me, yeah

You right, you cute, and you sexay
You won't hang with them hoes cause they messy.
You real fine and sexy like I like em.
You make me scream loud like Michael (Oww.)