Stole The Ye Testo

Testo Stole The Ye

(feat. Drama Squad)

[Kangol Slim]
Me and my nigga sellin' big yeah
He keep the floor trunk tight
Nigga stole a whole bird, yes it's goin' down tonight
Prime get the AK, Menor get sweeper
Call up the Drama Squad they some Night time Creepers
Niggas put us in the hole, spittin' just for bein' rollin'
Say ya need what'cha sew
But I'ma lay this nigga cold

Roll up the AK, watch the fire jump when the foam spray
We need to lay 'em dumpin' on a nigga that stole some of the ye
Better pray, this nigga up what my conscience say, he's guilty
Now it's time to get filthly

[Mista Menor]
Call me the Grim Reaper, put ya to sleep with my sweeper
My Brothers Keeper, half a block my bullets reach you
I was gone meet 'cha, we gonna teach ya how to jack
Stole half the ye, now peel his cap and leave him flat

[Kangol Slim]
I'ma take a nigga, flip his cap back
That's what he get for try'na jack
Infra Red, burst his head, worse his head
Leavin' the body smokin' just like that
[Chorus x4]
Oh no, nigga stole all the ye
Ten Geez, over head, I want that mother fucker dead

Slow it down while I clown, with this K with many rounds
Of ammunition, got you bitchin' duckin' from the sound
Of bullets skippin' yo ear, it catches the end with fear
Take a look of what we have here, cotton nigga done disappeared
With fear

[Mista Menor]
I'm huffin' and puffin' I got the street sweeper cussin'
Boo-Koo bitches, and got mother fucker niggas duckin'
That's right I'm buckin', P-N-C gonna fuck up somethin'
Lead bustin', nothin' but anger I'm discussin'

[Kangol Slim]
Now we can do it how ya wanna
I'm a true fuckin' soldier
We gonna go a drive by in a 97 Rover
Four wide, high as five, lookin' for this nigga ride
If I catch him on a corner, he's a mother fuckin' goner

[Chorus x4]

[Mista Menor]
My girl Kay, called me up and told me where the nigga live
He live right around the corner from my mother fuckin' crib
We gonna catch him comin' out the door
Handle ya business, now ya hoe
Stole the ye, stop the flow
Now bitch nigga ya got to go

[Nickel Slick]
Nickel Slick back on the scene
Heard a fiend standin' in magazine
Scoped his mouth, where he stash his green
Hear stories, dumpin' off on the cream
Cotton Invest they stole my set, this nigga wig I'm bout to play with
You ain't know it ain't no secrets, squeeze on the trigger and let's finish

[Kangol Slim]
Squeez on the trigger, bullets comin' quicker then hundred and three
Nigga don't run from me, bullets gunnin' ya gee
Killin' ain't no thing to me, who ya suppose to be?
I know a nigga named P-N-C, cause you my enemy
Meanin' you ain't no friend of me, cause what 'cha did to me
Was wrong, I'm sing in a song my baby gone to the dump, it's long
Nigga ya gone, do what 'cha did so I can split yo wig
Couldn't get 'cha shit, bullets comin' quick
Drama Squad and P-N-C, we think we bought to end the shit
Pull up on a bitch, hit the switch roll the drop top
Lock Infra Red bust through yo house, red shots
It's Judgement Day, mother fucker shouldn't have Stole the Ye
It's Judgement Day, mother fucker shouldn't have Stole the Ye

[Chorus x10]