Summer 101 Testo

Testo Summer 101

1, 2, 3, Go!

I'm up by 8 AM
Every single morning
'Cause sadly, I am still in high school.

Teachers are so frustrating.
They never give me a break and
the security guards are tools.
I can't wait to get out.
In 3 weeks, you'll hear me shout:
\"The summer's here and now I'm free!\"

I'll pimp out my stunna shades
And sip on lemonade,
Thinking, thank God no more school for me.

Summer, summer, summer
Here I come!
Now that school is finally done, I am ready to have some fun.

Summer, summer, summer
Please don't go!
Lets enjoy our time but take it slow, cause I'm not ready to go...


Now that school's out of the way,
We can go out and play.
No more homework to do for me.

It's time to stay celebrate!
We can stay out real late,
And finally go out and party.

Let's pack all of our things up,
And head off to the beach;
The sun is out, and the tides are high.

Girls in bikinis, and friends laying in the sand.
You can TAKE MY HAND! if you don't have a man.


The first lesson in Summer 101 is:

Don't be in a rush to try to grow up.
If it's one thing the summer can teach you,
it's that good things come to an end
and you will realize my friend,
that someday you'll have to face the winter.

[Chorus 2X]