Who's Kidding Who? Testo

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Testo Who's Kidding Who?

It's over.
I feel a calm wash over me as I lie here silently.
Imposters pay their respects while they deal with their regrets.
Forget this, it's too late.
Could they have done more to prevent this?
Should I have done less? I deserve better than this.
It isn't their fault. I never let them in.
Looking down upon me while I look down on all of you.
I gave you all I had. I had nothing left to give.
From ear to ear, show the world your fear.
Cover it up with a smile, it'll only hurt for a little while.
This was never about me, admit it.
Were we really that close?
I gave and I gave, I gave until there was nothing left.
I had nothing left for all of you.
Do not remember me this way. I deserve better than that.
I am now nothing more than a memory.
You won't notice I'm gone.
You won't remember my name.
This was never about me.
When my will is read aloud it will read that I gave my all.
Let that light in.
Let that light shine.
Let that light burn.
Let that light die.