No Amount Of Loving Testo

Testo No Amount Of Loving

When I was down, babe, you reached out your hands to guide When I was feeling so sorry, I've been hurt so deep inside I realize no amount of love, yeah, can take away those lies, no, baby Yeah, tried to catch your dog, baby, but the dog was mean Came to your door, it was closed, yeah, you put a wound in my shoulder For something to lean on, baby, how much it hurts, you know the load Oh, deep inside, you wouldn't be too wrong, somewhere along the road Yeah, all things, baby, catch up with you Watch yourself Well, I'll be around No amount of love, can take away those lies I'm taking them away now I realize no amount of love, yeah Can take away those lies, no baby I'm taking them away Oh, everything you gave me, baby, you want to take it back There's one story, darling, that's out of sight Don't want nothing from you, woman, I didn't need no schooling Until a lot less amount of loving you, baby, for me to see the fool I realize no amount of loving, can take away those lies Can't take 'em away now, I realize, baby, not any amount of loving Can take away those lies, can't take 'em away now, take 'em away Oh, take 'em away now, take 'em away, babe No amount of love, yeah Um, baby