Fill My Cup Testo

Testo Fill My Cup

Come on you lately come on and rescue me 'Been at you lately but I've been more at me Love is a lesson I never learned at school Sick in bed that day and so I play your fool Sick of this sea-saw of going up and sown Promised consistency to you in my wedding vow Call me up whisper in my ear Fell like a calendar from another year Fill my cup to the top with running water Call me out and show me how Talk to me without manipulation Shoot from the hip you'll shock the congregation Wake me up whenever supper's ready Break bread and wine but still I'm feeling empty You gotta show me how show me how I feel light I could float up to you weights and all I feel like a bridge on the water connecting your shore Start me up and let me fly with you This barren ground these bones are dry and empty Words & Music Paul Colman