Feeling Love Testo

Testo Feeling Love

You make me feel like a sticky pistilLeaning into her stamen.You make me feel like Mr. Sunshine himself.You make me feel like splendor in the grass where we're rollingDamn skippy babyyou make me feel like the Amazon's running between my thighs.You make me feel loveYou make me feel like a candy apple all red and hornyYou make me feel like I want to be dumb blondeIn a centerfold, the girl next door.And I would open the door and I'd be all wetWith my tits soaking through this tiny little t-shirtThat I'm wearing and you would open the doorAnd tie me up to the bed.You make me feel loveLover I don't know who I am.Am I Barry White - am I Isis?Lover I'm laced with your unconscious,I will be your Desdemona