I Believe Testo

Testo I Believe

Don't feel safe for something at all
can't see a future but I got to believe
got no money I'm always poor
feels like shit but I gotta go in
it's getting darker can't see the light
I'm not gonna fall I will never give up
it's getting worse and that's a fact
but I try to see the light in the end

Chorus: I believe, I believe, I believe
That the change will come

Misery is here to knock on my door
he won't get me and that's for sure
I'm not gonna watch our nation fall
it's time to wash the shit of the streets
I believe in a country without trash
I've suffered enough it got to stop
your dragging people down in dirt
I promise you that your punishment will come


I still do belive in victory
I don't wanna live like this anymore
I belive that we will rise again
that we will end up in liberty
we're treated like shit and it got to change
it's time for you to feel the pain
you will face to fear your fucking cunt
I want to see you pray on your knees