Loser Testo

Testo Loser

Do you think you're a hero when you are beating up your wife
Beating up your kids and drinking every day
Unemployed, feeling sorry for yourself
Blaming everyone for your misery
You are coming home late after fucking a whore
Drunk as hell and insulting your wife
The kids are scared because of your threats
You don't see the tears in their eyes

Chorus (2x):
You're a loser, you're scum - You're a shame for the mankind

You're such a coward, I hate your kind
I would feel so great while I'm punching your face
You're a loser, face the fact
You're not worth your kids and your wife
Complaining everyday, everything is shit
There's only one shit and the shit is you
You stupid scum, it's time to change
Or I will change your face to a misery

Chorus (2x)

Chorus (4x)