Early's Been Probed Testo

Testo Early's Been Probed

We were drinking out on Broken Bow lake me and ole Bubba, Early and Paul
Early wandered off into the woods to tend to mother nature's call
That Oklahoma night sky light up, It was an alien UFO
We'd seen things like this on the TV before but this was here and now and close

It locked on to Early, with a beam of light an Outer Limits situation
Was it a minute, was it a month, in suspended animation
It happened in the blink of an eye and there stood Early white as a ghost
Bubba turn to me and Paul and said, my God, I think Early's been probed
Early's been probed.... scarred for life
Abusive extraterrestrials made him an anti-socialite
Now he spends his days staring out into space
Sometimes he'll break down and cry
Early's been probed, scarred for life

After that Alien encounter a solemn vow was made
Early's been probed, only three friends know and we'll take it to our grave

(Repeat Chorus)