New York Testo

Testo New York

There's no need to say goodbye, 'cause I ain't going nowhere
I have been lost inside my mind, for so long I have lost track of time
So New York City here I come, hug me in, hold me with your wide open arms
I have been searching for something, and I think you might have what I am looking for
Or maybe you don't

There's no need to say goodnight in the city that never sleeps
I need something to ease my mind, 'cause it's racing like a car through city streets
I wish that I could run away from here and never look back
But I'm still sipping back on vodka, still trying to figure out where I lost track
Way, way back

I think that I should be moving on now, 'cause this town has held me for far too long
Please, won't you tell me if I'm wrong? 'Cause the heart of a traveler is a spiritual one
And when I see them lights on Fifth Avenue, well I'm gonna be a Dharma bum
When I see them lights on Fifth Avenue, at this time I'll know I've won
And my life's finally begun