Comeback Testo

Testo Comeback

Stay in the lane that I'm riding
I don't be moving in silence
Pull up with shooters and sirens
Shoot up the crib that you're sitting inside of
These infants are fighting a giant
Rock them to sleep when they're crying
Rock them like Dave and Goliath
I'm slinging more rocks than Raegan my precedence is so biased
So what the fuck should we all do
Put our trust inside the ones who lied and think it's all true
Nah fuck that, I'll cum inside a bitch and tell her come back
Cuz I'm to fucking broke for a baby I'll need my cum back

Aye, I'm coming right back though
She wanna hang, but don't know the ropes so I just be pulling the lasso
Every week I let the trash go
I do not thrive off of violence
But that will not stop me from wilding
I don't call shooters to put you on t-shirts man I got the straps that I'm firing
Got so much drip when I walk that I'm sliding
Swag that could put you on islands
Pull up all black with the coat and the glock now you seeing the back of your eyelids
A general moving in private
Ammo in boxes, supplied it
I move in silence like Tesla
I'm vested and truly a hybrid

All of you fuckers are lying
No fly shit so I dive in
This violet got my eyelids so low its hiding my iris
Solo I don't hide it
Won't sign shit cuz like ice is
I'm so cold that when I wrote flows
I tear a wrist like ISIS
And we running it up
We done it enough
I'm stuck in the middle of what I have done and what I've become
What will it run me to get to the fame
I believe in a sum, but selling your soul for some Gucci and chains
I perceive it as dumb, and y'all lame for that

Y'all aim for that place I'm at
Not saving rap
You fake with shots I aim it back
Don't play for cash
Okay with that
What you gonna do when Matt and CHVSE will snap
So pour me a red bull and vodka
I wanna feel like a monster
There's not a vibe I can't conquer
No hate against me will prosper
Leaving the game all in shambles I got it on lock and I'm stacking my ammo
See red like I'm Trippie the outfit is drippy I'm covered in Nike and camo
The speed supersonic I'm on it and breaking the pattern like ripping a flannel
You shallow I'm really for depth and I'm showing it now what a perfect example

Perfect example of what
Labels never give me what I want
So I'm independent with a buzz
Calling Matt up like hey whats up
Whats good
Shit I don't know
Why'd you call me
I don't know
Are you drunk
Hey you there, wait yo Matt where'd you go
I'm still here but it's 3AM, I'm half asleep dog
Will you be my friend, man what
Man fuck you
Damn dog you getting mean again

Chase you need to get clean again
The alcohol is not oxygen
You need a friend not a shoulder to cry on
Get you back up killing beats again
We need to work dog we know
And drop pounds like keto
Make a wave like a speedboat
And take your life back like repo

Shit, I want it all back
Acting violent
Can't decide if I like the silence
Mind is blinded by the dimes I'm buying
My rhymes so bright that the blind recite it
I'm too dope like new coke
Off the rails and I can't align it
I'm so sick so I'm stitching vomit from the beer I sip I got corona virus

I'm so sick I could own a virus
I drop hits but they show a bias
To the one I did that they all could pirate
But now ain't shit free I'm as gold as Midas
Isn't this shit fucking cold
Don't gotta tell me I know
I walk on a street made of gold
I own every lane on the road

Ha, you on the wizard of oz shit
Yellow brick follow the path
Rappers around us are all shit
Do any of y'all even rap

Y'all don't even rap no more, you full cap so you graduated
You sold crack so you had to make it pass where you fabricated that
Get your head out of the trap or get decapitated

Fan said I'm bad with the rap and I'll never make it
But I'm back with the track cuz I'm dedicated
Hated on me when I had it now they gotta celebrate it
Ha, y'all fake as fuck

You don't ever wanna cross us
We ain't ever taking losses
Two heads at a circle of bosses
We make them sick make them nauseous
I been at the head of all the trends
I don't gotta try to make a win
I'm not here to make another friend
Never give a fuck who I offend

Look, if I offend you then it offends me for thinking that I'm offensive
My offense ain't too good and maybe thats why I'm defensive
Tried to make this shit write now but right now I ain't stressing
So suck a dick little fucking prick, I hope ya'll get the message