How We Land Testo

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Testo How We Land

[Hook: P.O.S.]
We on our own trip, falling in love by the milligram
Pay no attention, no intentions could keep this from getting out of hand
So resistant cause we know that we are so content to sleep where we land
So sick, we get to choose when we skip the plan
Pay no intention, no resentment ever evened out a weaker hand
Get some comfort from the chemist and we hold each other close as we can

[Verse 1: P.O.S.]
Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait
Worse things have happened to better people
That's the mantra
The feelings are over with
Sick pout, kissed
But no frown flip
Missed it
We're dealing with oceans
Big fish bigger hooks
No coast, row
But just don't go quiet
Keep them alarms loud, let 'em look
No harm meant friction in the gaze
Stare easy or fade to another place, why stay
Ain't no sense in mending any fences they break
Only taken when there's things to take all away
All of me offered if you ask
But only if you ask
Honesty could cost me all I have
Take it, we stay

[Verse 2: P.O.S]
Stopping the world to sleep again
Sleeping where I land, soft
Demons eating, bottom speeding up towards my feet
I'm easily lost
Needing for caution
Fear to exhaust
Escape the dearest to me
Clear for take off
We gone again, Autobahn
Counter all encounters
Cracks in the armor
Home without a doubt
It's a thin line between coded and closed
Cozy in any mode
Long as I'm covered
So long as I'm not exposed
This place is wrong for me
Offer me
All or nothing
All for nothing
Love me not
Watch me closely
Call my bluff and call the shots
Roller coasting off the lot
Out the box busted
But fuck it, it's what I got
So I trust it whether or not
It's on it's own trip


[Verse 3: P.O.S]
We're so amused with dismay
Ignore the fuse straight in the flame
We're so amused with dismay
Ignore the fuse

[Justin Vernon:]
Fully, fully I'm relying
And your heart legs like a joke
Cut the cable, leave the oaks
I'm the fable, now we choke
Love me baby while you poke
I won't befriend a lie
Seven red glosses embedded in gold washes they said
Motivated mosses are holding over their haunches she said
If more of them was honest you know no one would be cautious
And I hope that scans with your man