Fixurlifeup Testo

Testo Fixurlifeup

Tell me how some people walk in the sun
While others just walk in the dark
Hands behind their back and a parked car
With a miracle you might get better
And under you’re sure to be toast
You’ll always get the dream that you deserve
From what you value the most

You need to fix your life up
Fix your life up
Fix it up

Go with the guitar is twelve times better than another crazy … voice
Trying to be a star
When you’re just another brick in a misogynistic world, the noise (?)
When the leaders learn how to follow
And then all the people lead
Instead of everybody getting what they want
They can get what they need

You need to fix your life up
Fix your life up
Fix your life up

Don’t worry about what the crowd does
Just worry about being good at what you love
Don’t make this complicated
You know it’s true
Don’t make us put somebody else in for you