Horny Pony Testo

Testo Horny Pony

Ahhh yesNew dance commercial - take 1 Ahhh yes There ya go, there ya go Horny people gather here {x2} Horny people gather here We are fixin' 2 put it in all your ears We got a new dance 4 the next 8 years I'm talkin' about the dance that every parent fears the most It's a sex dance - it's a new dance And it's rockin' from coast 2 coast I'm talkin' about, I'm talkin' about? I'm talkin' about the Horny Pony, y'all - come on There ya go, there ya go Horny Pony Girlfriend, look at this dance Prince is doin' nowIs he weird or what? Sing (Horny Pony) Now that's 2 freaky! In the years of the war, we don't wanna know U're buckin' that body like U really go 4 the hip stuff H into the I into the P It ain't enough just 2 do some exstacy U want it in your hip, U want it in your thighs It's the dance that conservatives most despise Cuz it's the sex dance - it's the new dance And it's rockin' every horny woman, every man It's the Horny Pony, y'all (Horny Pony) And there ya go Turn around Chicken grease in the house Chicken grease? I don't know That's it, I gotta run And U can run all the way 2 BarcelonaBut U can't hide, the Horny Pony get U gonnaDon't look at me y'all, I just wrote it Put on a record, wrapped it up and then I sold it Horny people gather here {x2} (How long?) 4 the next 8 years We got a new dance - it's the Horny Pony Yeah, the music's jammin', but it's about these words Sing (Horny Pony) Girl, uh-uh - nope!Did U come 2 party now? (Yeah, yeah) Do U really wanna now? (Yeah, yeah) If U're horny, let me know (Yeah, yeah) The pony see U boogie now (Yeah, yeah) So how am I supposed 2 do this dance? "How U do that dance?" I can't do that - I'm a lady (Nigga, please!) I can't do that What? Listen 2 me while I show U how 2 do it Just like a virgin, U got 2 ease into it Movin' your legs from the left 2 right Your arms up high like an eagle in flight Keep your hands shakin' like a leaf on a tree Jack Be Nimble, whoo, U're doin' it ? see? The Horny Pony, y'all There ya go, there ya go It's the Horny Pony Do U believe this? Oh my God, this guy... Oh, he's just so... he's just so weird Oh my goodness, would U look at this? I just... I just cannot believe Girl, uh-uh - nope! (Horny Pony) Did U come here alone? Uh, yeah - why? Well guess who U goin' home with? Huh? Ugh! That's nasty! Yeah (There ya go, there ya go) {repeat till fade} The Horny Pony (Horny Pony)