Tamborine Testo

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Testo Tamborine

Oh my God
Here U are, prettiest thing in life I've ever seen
(Mm hmm)
Close my eyes
What's it like, what's it like inside your tamborine?

Oh my God
There I go falling in love with a face in a magazine
(Uh oh, not again)
All alone by myself
Me and I play my tamborine

Trampoline {x4}
Long days, lonely nights ?trampoline {x2}

I don't care 4 one night stands with trolley cars that juggle 17
I just wanna settle down and play around my baby's tamborine

Tamborine, what are U?
Why are U the star of all my dreams?
(Star of all my dreams - are U a good tamborine?)
Are U good? Are U bad?
Are U just unnecessary means?

Tamborine, tamborine - trolley cars

Long days, lonely nights
2 bad we're not allowed 2 scream (Yeah, yeah, 2 bad)
Guess that I'll stay at home all alone
And play my tamborine (Aww)

Tamborine {x4}

The tamborine!