Still Driftin' Testo

Testo Still Driftin'

Verse 1 Still driftin, this time Im in a stolen Lincoln Remains in the backseat inside stinkin Im thinkin, gotta go find me a sink and Clean up, Im beat up, Im covered in blood It aint easy, blood on my hands makes the stairway greasy Dead bodies omit gas and fecies It's nasty, aw shit a cop just passed me Better get rid of this shit, real fast G Pull over to the side just abandon the ride Wait until they find the surprise I left inside Im a hunter, searchin for my prey Im on the highway Meanwhile these kids are just cruisin on a friday Not a care in the world, but it aint what it seems See me covered in blood wit a cold stare in the highbeams Lost control, smashed into the divider Killed three mo and yo I didn't even try ta. (2x)Chorus I aint stopped yo Im still driftin State to state still tryin to kill victims Thought I was dead, naw Im still livin Still wicked and yeah Im still killin Verse 2 An elderly couple at a red light, late at night Aint no cars and nobody in sight I pull out my knife, I run up I open the rear door Hop in, two quick slices and they're gone Real quick, slice the neck then I jet Out the opposite door, now Im off to the next Walkin through the darkness covered in stains I got scared, I heard this bum like "hey got any spare change?" Some homeless crackhead lookin for some rocks Wit a shoppin cart livin out a cardboard box Punched his rat face, and I wouldnt stop beatin Watchin him swell up, his head was mad bleedin Stomped on his chest crushed his lungs and his ribs Beat him to death dont need no weapons for this A witness, a prostitute seen the whole shit I seen her walkin up, yeah ya better go bitch I chased her, caught her, yo, ya dead hoe How the fuck you think you gonna run in stelletos Rip her pointy ass shoes right off her feet Stuck the heel in her neck till that bitch couldn't breathe (2x)Chorus Verse 3 Real late at night I still ain't done killin See a man deliverin some kung pow chicken Hes comin my way on his bike I stuck out my arm, I clotheslined him, be careful at night He's on the ground covered in chowmaing and duck sauce Cut his face the fuck off, kill him and he got tossed Into an alley where I cut him and I gut him Took the splattered remains and then I fuckin stuck'em Into the little take out carton I mixed it wit some noodles and the shit stinks its rottin Looked at the paper I went to the address Knocked on the door, "Jade Dragon Express" Open the door it was this dude, he gave me the loot I watched through his window as he ate his food, ewwwww He kinda looked at it weird When he had some peices of lung stuck to his beard While he went to go vomit I went in his house Kneeled down as I crouched behind the couch He's sick, he came back but before he could sit I popped up with a grip on a holder from a candle stick Smash his face with the base Beat his skull till it opened Little peices of bone kid Left on the floor then I chilled in his house Finished up the rest of the asian take out (3x)Chorus