Summer Jam Testo

Testo Summer Jam

Intro: Yea what's up? It's that time in the big city. 98 hot degrees out there. Check it out there's a party goin on all day at the beach so fellas you might want to wash the chevy's, drop the tops, and ladies yall pull out the bathing suits cause it's gonna be a scorcha!

Yea baby, come on it's time to have some fun.
It's summer time so let's unwind and go out in the sun.
I like when all the young ladies be off on the beach,
tryin to creep 4-deep in them convertable Jeep.
Lookin oh so sexy, wearin them daisydunes.
They lookin so cute in them 2-piece bathing suits.
Baby illin, chillin, stylin, profilin, down by the ocean (ocean ocean).
All the fellas be sweatin, goin out of they minds
cause them girls be so fine down south in the summer time.
Halter tops and daisydunes, sexy 2-piece bathing suits,
hair and nails is up to par, lookin like a superstar.
Lot of clouds up in the sky and all them ladies lookin fine,
big, tall, short, and fine,
Oh yeah it must be summer time!

Chorus: Come on and break out your daisydunes,
Along with your bathing suits.Versace shades to block the sun, it's time to go have some fun.
Stomp your feet and clap your hands, and wild out to the Summer Jam.

Its summer time, time to move baby, it's time to dip baby,
but we can't, traffic's jammed on the strip by them playas with them vogues on the Cadillacs,
bending curves in suburbs with the boom in the back.
Matter fact, all them ladies be crowdin around
them playas with the Benz's when they let the top down.
Cruisin slow and low, one time for the 64.
Baby pumpin up the sound and bouncin up and down.
Everybody chillin not a worry on they mind, pumpin the Summer Jam because it's summer time (time time).
Heavy Chevys Cadillac with them boom in the back,
UCD in the deck, boy be gettin much respect.
Cruisin up and down the block, go ahead and drop the top,
wild on out and unwind cause it's summer time!