Bombonyall Testo

Testo Bombonyall

[Chorus Pt 1]
Take that motherfucker here's a bomb on y'all
Dynamite in the heat of the night I get raw
Get the mic get creative and break the last straw
Doper than the dopest shit that you ever saw

[Chorus Pt 2]
And we breaking their laws and we're breaking their jaws
And they try their best to keep up with the mouth of the Czar
They're getting stabbed in their arm, they're getting hit by a car
They're getting stoned on relentlessly with two by fours

[Lyrics Born (Lateef):]
So hey Lateef (what's happening) I want to see my cousin freak it up
Like demon fuzz, making all the disbelievers give it up (and you know that)
Now with the whole world listening
You got the floor chisel it in with precision
(Lateef): Because we're meaner and we're cleaner stepping into the arena
Set the roof on fire, like a lighter and gasolin-a
Got the people hype regardless of their nation or region
What's the reason
It seems my singing is pleasing I'm still protected from treason
They keep ringing them, kind of like a guitar string
Jingling jangling with your mental I'm mangling
If you hating on the beat, or the lyrics that I'm singing
Like a four pound hot shot straight through Texas

[Lateef (Gift of Gab):]
Ay yo Gab (what's up) show them what you have (alright!)
I know you're itching for this microphone to grab (and you know that)
We independent like trucks with ??bolts oh??
Now flip the track, like the thing was a train and you's the Incredible Hulk

[Gift of Gab]
I'm crumbling an underling another thing a brother mumbling
I'm pummeling I'm humb-ely because I rhyme like Thumbelina
Hovering above covering your mouth, I'm hot like Jalepeños
The arena now is unbelievably
Wondering how the undefeated brother be uncovering
Discoveries that's undistinguished can I form my English?
Orbiting above sort of fiending for the portal
Bringing up the sulfur then be pourn out the outer reaches for you!

[Chorus pt 1]

[Lyrics Born]
Full fledged el capitan raise the flag
Pulsating cross creeping through the blades of grass
Bass bumping formation like an ancient plant
Long savers strong take it home answers lanterns
Full fleets fog ???? to conquering your camp
Palm sweet long livin armies of Babylon “E”
Plastique concrete I'll blast the party
With y'all chickens in a victory bag

[Chorus Pt 1]

[Chorus Pt 2]

Take that motherfucker here's a bomb on y'all
[Lyrics Born:] Any time you want the spot rocked give us a call
[Lateef:] Shock wave down your back get you off of the wall
[Gab & Lateef:] The lost of the raw, the hard, the hardcore
Coming through the door to conk your lockjaw
You're eardrums bust from the sound of applause
[Gab:] So what you want Lyrics Born?
[Lyrics Born:] I hit them hard like intercourse
With metaphors, you can't afford, so get in the car, you minotaur
[Lateef:] Now Gift of Gab, get grabbed [Gab:] I laugh top mind opening
Dilate your alpha-wave patterns like opium
[Lyrics Born:] Ay yo Lateef release [Lateef:] Free flying like a sky diver
Free flowing like forever on the top of the horizon
[All:] and it's Quannum controlling, we're arriving mesmerizing
All the rhymes you're memorizing and the ???? energizing
Our dreams (Lyrics Born): We're realizing
[All:] Your team [Gab:] will be forgotten
[All:] We keep [Lateef:] the people higher [All:] than trees of marijuana
(Lyrics Born): From Pacific sea to Mountain Time to eastern regions
[Lyrics Born & Lateef:] sabotaging feeble minded people unbelievable it's
happening [Gab: shining]
[Lateef:] Keep it quiet
[Gab:] Seek confinement (Lyrics Born): Keep rewinding
[All:] Reading in between the lines achieving heights and keep in mind that