Make It Shine Testo

Testo Make It Shine

There's a miracle waiting, there's a ticket worth taking There's a reason to believe your eyes An ounce of conviction is the only admission Yeah, it's risky, but it's worth the ride And all the dreams that you've held inside Yes, they're waiting to break out, you just have to try Make it shine, let your heart beat right in time Make it shine, lay your whole world on the line Find a clue and unfold it, shake the dust off and hold it If it tells you something let me know So much is forgotten, so much worth unlocking Won't you tell me how to break the code And never worry 'bout the things you read It's so easy to tear down, so hard to believe Too may dreamers are fading, shine on, shine on, shine Live -there' sa life to live Give -there's a gift to give Yes -there's a reason to make it Shine on and make it true, Work -make it work for you Yes -there's a reason to make it shine Find a secret and learn it, find a key there and turn it Do whatever you do through the night A skill in your fingers like a memory lingers You gotta do it till it comes out right You never know till you take a chance If you're out on that wire you might as well dance