Na Fr. Testo

Testo Na Fr.

Yeah, you already know what it is
Big Rube, ATL, [?]
Comin' wit' that boy Quentin Miller
This ain't no joke, nah, for real
You can seek the truth
Or choose to accept the lies that they sell ya
'Cause livin' life gon' show you the real
Better than I could ever hope to tell you
Information is cool
But wisdom gained through its use is essential
You do yourself a huge disservice
Not explorin' your potential
If you wanna know the strength of your melody
Then you test it
Teaching you the weaknesses to improve
To allow you to best it
That's an investment
In yourself and your legacy's legend
Allowing those you bring forth
To spring forward, giving you reverence
The life we lead defines the mark we leave
Not wealth and possessions
It's not me you need to believe
Within yourself are the answers to all questions
All experiences are lessons
Bad or good is just perspective
Life's purpose is not reaching
But aspiring to perfection
No alpha, no omega
The soul's existence everlasting
The wisdom we gain on this eternal journey
Lay not in the answers, but live in the questions
Nah, for real