Never Fading Testo

Testo Never Fading

Never FadingLet`s talk about some thingsagainBefore our sun begins to flowAnd never looking down.Through all the yearsWith love and fearsIt´s getting strangerThan we`ll knowBut there is still a chance...We´re together but aloneOur flowers should be thrivingAnd never fading with the sunI can´t believe this could be not a chanceTo grow.So far from everything that´s meI think you didn´t know this featureI´m sure the blame is on meI´m not the one who´s grievingIn the fightAgainst it allFrom above.We´re together...Our flowers shouldn´t everFading with the sunI can´t believe this could be notA chance to growI still believe in you...Text:Butze Musik:Quinquagesima