Shake Dem Haters Testo

Testo Shake Dem Haters

[Quint Black]
Yeah (Boy You'd better try to shake dem haters off)
Yo your boy Black Too $hort Records
To the motherfucking fullest for the 99
Trying shake dem haters off

Shake Dem Haters Off Shake Dem Haters Off Shake Dem Haters Off
[Quint Black]
I got sixteen bitches calling my name
Trying hip me to some niggas who put salt in the game
Got a message on celly sayin watch ya back
See that hating got them boys trying plan a jack
See aint a ? a trip keep it steady
Never leave my crib without it cocked back and ready
Every time i hit the dope spot keeping it hot
Made a promise to myself to give it all that i got
On tha low down never knew about crime and weight
Pushin 8's on the side to keep the high strung straight
Unbelievable haters come a dime a doze
Might smoke a bud with you but its money they love
All at tha club talkin' shit steady bumpin they gums
Running game on them hoes about the money they earned
Get your game straight bitches got it grown for show
Now days try to hate on them them hoes you's a hater though

Shake Dem Haters Off, Shake Dem Haters Off ,Shake Dem Haters Off

[Quint Black]
Easy does it do it easy that's how I do it
Whatever it takes to get a bitch up into it
Sexybrown say he buy you diamonds and gold
Trying play the hard roll put tha pussy on hold
Yo but everytime you see tha 20's hit the curb
You get paid on tha 3rd so you hop in first
Steady mashing throbbing game on tight
Checking out the rear view cause haters jack all night
Always a 3rd eye on my diamonds and rocks
Seagrams vodka and hennessy rubbing and cock
On the setup haters got hoes at work
Trying get you for your ends plus your weed and perp
See i tote my shit at all time
If you try some dumb shit ima blow ya mind
God damn it in the late night
Steady getting caught in tha mix
Rather be judged by 12 then be hated by 6

Shake Dem Haters Off, Shake Dem Haters Off ,Shake Dem Haters Off

[Quint Black]
See ya know tha motherfucking game right?
Motherfuckers gonna hate on me
When i go out on these motherfucking streets
So you'd better try to keep your motherfucking head on
Before you be fucked around locked up some motherfucking where
And lost your motherfucking mind
These motherfucking niggas around here
They gone talk about you and all that bullshit
But you know when a motherfucking hater comes and gets personal
They gon watch ya i jus try to keep my game tight
What i remain to do is to shake these motherfuckers off
Cause they gets on my nerves know what im sayin