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I can't sleep babyI believe I can flyGotham cityYou remind me of somethingShe's got that vibeDown low (Nobody has to know)Step in my room---------------------------------------------------------------------------I Can't Sleep BabyGirl I must have been crazy to say that it was overI had to be a fool to yell out we were throughAnd now I'm all alone and feeling down and out babyWhen I never meant for this to end, it was so so crazy of meSometimes we say things that we really don't meanWell I'm sorry baby, bring your lovin' back to me1 - I can't sleep babe, I can't think babe, I can't live babeWithout you in my life I can't go on babeThis is my song babyDon't wanna do nothin' if I go away babyAnd I can't do nothin' if you're not aroundThough I must admit that things got out of handWhen you told me that he was just a friendI should of had my trust in you from the very start darlin''Cause I never meant for this to endHow can we get it back again?Oh sometimes a man can say things that he really don't meanWell I'm sorry baby - bring your lovin' back to meRepeat 1Baby can we meet somewhere and talk about itOh baby, can we work it outI'm not gonna let you go my baby before I let you know that IRepeat 1 until fade---------------------------------------------------------------------------I Believe I Can FlyI used to think that I could not go wrongAnd life was nothing but that an awful songBut now I know the meaning of true loveI'm leaning on the everlasting arms2-If I can see it, then I can do (be) itIf I just believe it, there's nothing to it1-I believe I can flyI believe I can touch the skyI think about it every night and daySpread my wings and fly awayI believe I can soarI see me running through that open doorI believe I can flyI believe I can fly(Oh) I believe I can flySee I was on the verge of breaking downSometimes inside us, it can seem so longThere are miracles in life I must achieveBut first I know it starts inside of me(repeat 2, 1)Could I believe in it?(rpt 2, 1...)---------------------------------------------------------------------------Gotham CityIm lookin over the skyline of the city.How loud quiet nights in the mist of crime.How next door the happiness lives sorrow,And signals of solution in the sky.(chorus)A city of justice,a city of love, a city of peacefor every one of us.We all need it, can't live without itGothem City (ohhh yah)How sleeping awake because of fear. (ohh yah)How children are drowning in thier tears.How we need a place where we can go,A land where every one will have a hero (even me)(chorus 2X)Yet in the middle of stormy weather,We wont' stumble and won't fall..I know a place where all this shelter...(repeat chorus until end)---------------------------------------------------------------------------You Remind Me Of SomethingYou remind me of somethingI just can't think what it isChorus:You remind me of my jeep; I wanna ride itSomething like my sounds, I wanna pump itGirl you look just like my cars; I wanna wax itAnd something like my bank account, I wanna spend itIt's something about your love that's got me going crazyBaby you know I want you real badAnd girl I really like your freaky styleHow can I be down with you?So get a little closer to my rideI wanna get to know you ladyAnd hip me up on how to get inside you - listen pretty babyI wanna roll it, roll it, roll it is all I wanna do for you babyGirl it's something kind of sexy goin' on about youChorusNow I would like to take you for a rideGirl you know we'll have so much funAnd give you everything your body needsSatisfaction guaranteedSo pull up to my bumper andlet the system soundGirl, I bet cha' I can drive you crazyAnd let me be the one to drop you off -babe listen to meI wanna roll it, roll it, roll it is allI wanna do for you babyGirl it's something kind of sexygoin' on about youChorus---------------------------------------------------------------------------She's Got That VibeA yo R. KellyWhat's up manYou been spending a lot of time with this girl manI don't know manShe just got that vibe you know what I'm sayingAiight tell em the scriptAiight betVibe, vibe, vibeYou've got that vibeVibe, vibe, vibeYou've, you've, you've got thatVibe, vibe, vibeGirl you've gotThat vibeOoh, stop the pressGirl you turn me onAnd I wonderIf I could take you homeI must confessThe tight mini-skirt you wearI just can't help it babyI can't help but stareSoTell the djTo pump it up a little moreHey girlI gotta let you knowThat you've got that viberepeat chorusIt's one o'clockAnd the party's just beginningThe place is jumpingOoh what a lovely sceneGotta let you knowLet you know the dealI want you now babyAnd I'm for realSoTell the djTo pump it up a little moreNow babyI gotta let you know thatYou've got that viberepeat chorusYeahHow would you like to getA piece of this pie- You could be my girlAnd I could be your guyYeah cuddle me in your armsLike I'm your teddy bearThere isn't that niceYou'll have no fear yo- Kiss me you foolAnd make me melt like butterWhen it comes to sayin' I love youI won't st-st-st-stuttterI'll turn you on like a neon lightMake everything alrightLike in the middle of the nightYo when you need somebody to love you- YeahLike flintstones we'll have a yabbadabbadooKiss and caress you and hold youAnd my word is bornYo P. A.- WassupShe's got that vibe huhSing it with me babySing it with me babyShe's got that vibe (8x)repeat chorusYou're looking goodFeels so niceJoann's got itLeonice has got itTheresa's got itTonia's got itI tell ya Cheryl's got itBoy I tell youBetty's got itChip has got itAnd Ann's got itGail's got itStephanie's got itAnd Sabrina's got itRachelle has got it yeahGladys got itFontina's got itLittle cute Aaliyah's got it (!)Ooh Stacy's got itI tell yaTita's got itI tell ya Rita's got itOh Laurel's got itAnd Kim's got it, yeahI've gotta let you knowYou've got that vibeC'mon babyGo to work on meGo to work on meGo to work on meGo to work on me babeGo to work on meGo to work on meVibe---------------------------------------------------------------------------Down Low (Nobody Has To Know)Listen girl you want me but he needs youYet you're tellin' me that everything is coolTryin' to convince me baby to do as you sayJust go along and see things your wayChorus:And keep it on the down low - nobody has to knowWe can keep it on the down low - nobody has to knowSecret lovers is what you wanna beWhile making love to him, girl you're silently calling on mewhat is a man to do in a situation like this?I feel there is something that I don't wanna missChorus(2x's)Beautiful you are but you're his by farComin' by my way drivin' his fancy carMaking plans to be in my life foreverTell me, tell me that we'll always be togetherChorus(2x's)Listen babe I won't whisper a word---------------------------------------------------------------------------Step In My RoomYo. What's up baby?I don't see any sign on my door that says it's closedChorus:Step in my room 'cause I got a little something for youIn my room and I know you're gonna like it babyStep in my room 'cause I got a little something for youIn my roomFinally we're all alone so lock all the doors and unplug the phoneI wanna take you where passion liesGirl you want my lovin'; I can see it in your eyesBaby don't hold back the feelin' - just bring your body to meAnd I'm gonna give you everything you needChorusMakin' sweet love 'til morning comesStill lovin' you after it's said and doneAnd doin' those things you want me to do to you babyLike goin' down on you by the fireplaceBaby don't hold back the feelin' - just bring your body to meAnd I'm gonna give you everything you needChorusHey there lady, you drive me crazySexy lady, you drive me crazyChorus