All Of My Days Testo

Testo All Of My Days

featuring Changing Faces, Jay-Z(R KELLY)Changing Faces - Jay Z - Rkelly (whispers)(JAY Z)Uh - Yeah - Jigga - Uhu(R KELLY)Changing Faces (whispers)(JAY Z)How we doYoAll of my rhymes fall - all of my days i tradeall of my dimes and all of my bad ways i fadekilling late nights cruisin'all you see is the break lightsand hair blowing you know where we goingor at the club in the rear frontin'poppin droppin'the amounts of cats but we aint trying to hear nothingprobably was wilder than wobbly are you the wiggy to give mehold me down and make me slow down to be twissykeep the ice out the club life - change faceget on love wife while he on the license plateswait - make me think about you even when your not arounduse the bathroom put the toilet seat back downgot me some sprinkles the hair with the wrinklesif preferred his and her furs to the ankleskeep your friends buggin' lovin' all my waysJigga keep me jiggy all of my days(CHANGING FACES)in the middle of the nightgot me thinkin' bout cha babegot me dreamin' about cha baby(CHORUS)all that i haveall that i havebaby it's yoursbaby it's yours forever and ever babyall i want is to be with you all of my daysall i want all i needall i want is to be with you all of my daysall i want baby(CHANGING FACES)anything that turn you oni'll be givin' it to you babeyou dont have to worry baby(CHORUS 1x)(JAY Z)yeah ha ha - check it(R KELLY)all i want - all i needis you in my life - loving meall i want - all i needis you in my life(JAY Z)uh huh(R KELLY)loving me(JAY Z)now we going house shoppin'everybody want to know the prices of spouse droppin'keep it on the low R Kelly style it's quite shockin'a year ago all i did was spend nights hoppin'in the club in search of pretty faces and night stalkerswho would have thought i'd walk down the aislerice droppin' got you a nice rock and it's on and poppin' droppin' holiday platinum braceletsJigga - R Kelly - Changing FacesUh(CHORUS x2)(FADE AWAY)