It's All Good Testo

Testo It's All Good

Another one of thoseTrackmasters, Rockland jointsYou know what I'm saying?[Girl]Trackmasters rock onRockland rock onR. Kelly rock on(Kelly what'cha say baby)Rock on (Freestyle)[R. Kelly]Since conversation's not the sameAnd he turned in some shine to rainWell boo I'm gonna ease your painBecause I'm gonna be your man1 - [R. Kelly] It's all good See you've already been through enough baby It's all good That's why things are about to swing your way It's all good You see you don't have to worry baby It's all good Cause tomorrow's sun is gonna bring a brighter day[R. Kelly]Yes we gon hit the shopping stripI'll buy you anything you wantYou deserve a first class tripSomewhere far away from homeRepeat 1[R. Kelly]Free your mindAnd I'll lead you to placeWhere the wind blowsAnd your cares I cast awayAnd it's all goodCome on, come on, yoYo dippin' in the six with the top let downSmirk on my face cause I'm Rockland boundWhile on the other side of townI be holding it downWearing brigets around on my platinum crownY'all wanna see my business clothesSee me foldKeep me from rocking the white goldBitches hail, When I roll we'll sit on chromeWhen we do shows we sell out super domesWhile you at home burning the hot coalHoney left you coming home to me like it's a curfewOne nice day and now she calling me booAnd she calling you throughAnd you calling me singing the sad tuneI wish Kelly would pick up the cellyGot a Philly in a telly with cramps in her bellyNow I can get freaky with some K-Y-jellyBut I'd rather go cruise with my manWhat the deally?Repeat 1[R. Kelly]It's all goodSee I just want to see you happy darlingIt's all goodYeah, and I can't stand to see your eyes cryingIt's all goodAnd if it takes the rest of all my lifeIt's all goodYour whole world's gonna be a paradiseIt's all goodRockland, TrackmastersNine-EightYou suckers, screw all of y'all