Lookin' For Love Testo

Testo Lookin' For Love

Out of all the girls I?ve loved beforeOut of all the stages I?ve performed onOut of all of the cities I?ve been toI bless the day that I found you I bless the day I found you and that?s my wordIt?s nothing for me out there in those streetsYou took my heart and you set it on fireAnd now my love forever burnsYou keep taking me higher1 - I been looking for love In all the wrong places And now I finally found Someone who cares for me No matter the storm It was you who helped me face it And now it?s safe to say That you really care for meJust like the wings You took me, flew me away, yeahAnd now my ground is underneath my feetThis man had nowhere to goThen you gave me directionAnd now the rest of my daysI can?t help but give you the praiseRepeat 1You saw my needs, forgave my faultsYou cleansed my heart, you changed my thoughtsYou brought the sun into my lifeWhen my world had seemed dark, yes you didAnd you?re the only one Who was there when I needed a friendYou?re the only one who can place joyWhen there?s pain in my heartRepeat 1