Mrs. Santa Claus Testo

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Testo Mrs. Santa Claus

Mrs. Santa Claus
There will be no work for me tonight
Cause I'm gonna spend this time to get in to you
Mrs. Santa Claus
This year will be the year I make holiday love to you for Christmas
And you won't regret it, you won't forget it, baby just let me
Ooo girl just let me unwrap you

See your body will be my gift tonight, Mrs. Santa
And I promise that we'll deck all the halls
With shadows of you and me on the walls

Mrs., Mrs., Mrs. Santa Claus
There will be no work for me tonight, no baby
Except for you and me making love

Everything that we do on this night
I will make sure baby that I make you feel alright

Decorate your body with my body, baby
Tonight is a private Christmas Party
Gonna lay you down and fill your stockings up

Oh baby, my darling
Seasons greetings
So glad to be taking off of work for you
And there's no kids, no family tonight
It's just you and me, baby
And I just wanna give you all this love
Darlin', baby, come open your gift

Please, Mrs. Santa
Would you be my gift tonight?
I just wanna unwrap you baby
Mrs. Santa
There will be no work for me tonight
Mrs. Santa, Merry Christmas