One Step Closer Testo

Testo One Step Closer

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh
One Step Closer, To You
One Step Closer, To You

Well, it’s a quarter to that time Baby
And you’re the only thing on my mind Baby
And I’m ‘bout to punch outta’ here, girl I promise,
and I’m comin’ straight home to you my dear. (Woh-Oh)
So just make sure you’ve got that nothin’ on,
and you’re waiting for me Baby (you)
To walk thru the door, and give it to ya’ Baby
Every way possible, just how you like it Babe.
And I’m so thankful for my shinin’ star,
So glad I don’t have to wonder where your are.
Now, I’m about to get on the elevator baby goin’ down,
I’m coming home, home, home

One Step Closer, To You
(And it won’t be long, Baby I’m getting)
One Step Closer, To You
(Said I’m On My Way)
(Said I’m On My Way)

I’m, starting the car right now, while
My imagination is going wild right now Babe
I’m thinkin’ bout what I’m gon’ do
When I get to you, Ooh,Ooh-Ooh,
Time must be on our side, ‘cause
Baby so far every light is a green light yeah
And soon, I’ll be there, so girl beware
I’m gonna’ kiss you up and down, in between
Having your body screaming yeah (oh, oh)

Oh I’m so thankful for my little shining star
And girl, I’m so glad I don’t have to wonder where you are
Baby, see you don’t have to worry no more
Cause soon, I’ll be coming thru the door

One Step Closer (oh baby, just one step closer)
To You... (to you, Babe, and it won’t be long, baby I’m getting)
One Step Closer... (one step closer baby)
To You (to ya’ girl), (said I’m on my way), (said I’m on my way)

I’m turnin’ the corner, ‘bout to pull up in the driveway
Now, I’m hoppin’ up out the car, and I’m walking to the door
Goin’ up the steps, keys in my hand, unlock the door
Turn the knob, baby now I’m in the house
Up the stairs in the room, DAMN!

Said you look so good to me laying there, with nothing on
And it makes me wanna’
Kiss every inch of your body
So don’t you go nowhere, just stay right there
I’m gonna’ move a little closer
Step, step, step, step, step
Ooh I’m at your feet baby
Tell me girl, do you like what I’m doin'
Well, can I Move On Up?
(step, step, step, step, step)
Now... I’m at your knees can see you you’re shakin'
See you can’t take it, girl I’m ‘bout to do it Get Ready-Get Ready

Get Closer
(steppin’ closer to ya’ baby)
To You...
(said I’m goin’ down, and I’m not comin’ back up baby, baby yeah)
One Step Closer
(one step-closer-to you-hey) (one step closer to you) To You
(goin’ down, goin’ down, goin’ down)
(goin’ down, goin’ down, goin’ down)