Pull Your Hair Testo

Testo Pull Your Hair

[Chorus: x2]
She got some micros, she got a weave wrap
She got it locked up I can smell the beeswax
Now let me pull ya hair(pull ya hair) 3X

[Verse 1:]
Shortie thick is hell, something like a fairy tell
And you treating if you got it so I paid for the nails
She told me she was hungry so I paid for the hairs
Her body like a coin flip heads or tails
Beep beep) girl don? t back it up on me,
She did it anyway and it felt like a truck on me
Stop teasing hit this dro, and let's get woozy
Turn the flat screen off, girl forget that movie
Follow me to the bed room, or we can hit the back of the mayback
It's something like a bedroom, a lot of pillows and head room
Hips and thighs, a nigga trying to see what that ass do.
She said be careful, of her hair, do. Last chick said that
I pulled on her hair too. It's kellys, listen up all women
I sweat weaves out, you should call me Richard Simons,

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
Kells make it hurt at the same time feel good!
Label me a bad boy, true but I; m damn good
I'm rich as hell but I'm straight up out the damn hood
F**k like a gorilla straight up out the damn wood
As I a kid man I used to play tug of war, now I grab chicks
By the hair and play rug a war. I'm a king baby girl wanna see
My home, let me rephrase that wanna see my throne.
Kells got them tricks that wanna make you cum like a thriller
Make you hear the dun dun dun dun, you grade the bed rail
I grab your waist mom, you scream my name kells, now whose is this ma
Yeah I know that rappers taking over this industry,
But don? t act like you don? t f** to this R and b got kids off this R and b
Get b*** off this r and b. you need a hook, who you call, the
King of r and b.

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
I be pulling on your hair weave, so keep it tight keep it
Tight shortie, cause girl it's gone get freaky tonight
And if you got real hair, wrap it up wrap it up shorty, if you don? t want me f** it up,
I make you feel that pain, feel that flame, girl weather man
Promise you I'm gone make it rain, man everytime I change my name
Album drop, they said kell? s done went and change the game