Tp-2 Testo

Testo Tp-2

Hit it hard from the backRoll around on the frontI know you've heard a lot of tracksBut 12 Play is what you wantJust let me call the studioThen we can go all nightGirl I hope you can hangCause I'm horny as hell tonightOneTaking off your Secrets with my teethTwoSlightly rough to let you know it's about to get kinkyThreeBlind your eyes, then I walk you to my bedroomFourNow open your eyesSurprise you've entered twelve play twoStopWe need to catch our breathWe've been going for a whileIt's been about two hoursAnd we're still going round for roundThe water's getting coldAnd the movie's going offThis is how we do in TP-2FiveI'm about to take you for a rideNow feel it come insideSixBaby it's as hard as a brickTell me can you feel this sh, sh, shSevenThat's when to slow it downCause I'm not ready toEightWe're almost at the peakCause I'm feeling tinglyNow flew your body like, what (what, what)Its' like diamonds with the cut (cut, cut)The hottest out of your friendsThe way you take it from meGirl you put it on me like drawsMoaning when you talkI'm about to tear your shit outNew millennium styleNineLookin' you in your eyesAs I'm about to do that thingTenThen on down to your thighsI'm gonna make you screamElevenNow put your body on top of meI'm about to grab your waistTwelveNow quick before we get to thirteenSet it on my face