(You To Be) Happy Testo

Testo (You To Be) Happy

Everyday and night I prayLove will swing you back this wayLife without you here with meAin't the same without you GBaby hear me, I never meant to hurt youBaby come and talk to meLet me know what's on your mindEvery time I see youYou're running from me all the timeBaby hear me, I never meant to hurt youI only wanted you to be happyYou to have the best of thingsTo be down with me, baby'Cause your lovin', it's so goodYou're giving me the run-aroundThought our love was going downBaby don't you knowThat I'm down until the day I dieBaby hear me, never meant to hurt youNow you know I'll never do anything to hurt you'Cause baby I love youEvery night and day I prayYour love returnsOh I'd give my lifeIf it would only make you happy[Rap (Notorious B.I.G)]Sittin' reminiscin' on when you started dissin'Spittin' in faces in public placesRolexes with faces had you chipper for monthsMade some dough, did some shows, now you're starting to frontSmokin' blunts on the veranda with AmandaShe's fillin' your head with he said, she saidPoppa doin' this, Poppa doin' thatBut don't tell him I said it 'cause my Jeep might get wettedForget it, go on take her word like the KoranYa'll stay friends, I'll stay and smoke Phil BenzsHoneysuckle sets, Biggie secret pyjama setsYou were the Reebok vandal, now you were Chanel sandalsI made you - why would I play you?Think about it while the streets you roamIt's all peas and crispies in the fridge when you get home[Chorus]You to be, be happyYou to have the best of thingsBaby everything you want it for babyYou to be down with meSo give me that ass back baby'Cause your lovin' is so good, so damn good, babeEveryday and night I pray love will swing you back this wayLife without you here with me ain't the same without you G[chorus]