Accident Testo

Testo Accident

I think he's in a jealous rage
She's probably not the easiest one to live with either
There's nothing worse than bitterness
Just splashed across the page
I don't think that either one of them are fit to be alive
Oh, She'd just shut up and do what she does best
Show a little bit of skin
But keep it all when she's undressed
And doesn't she know that she is doing it all wrong
You can't tell a joke, yeah
While I'm listening to your song

All of this talking and all of this chatter
Is making me sick
Even though they say it doesn't matter

Let's put them in a room
Or maybe they should stay apart
Or maybe words are meant a mile
Yeah, let's fuck with their hearts

There's no reason to change
So lets watch everybody bleed
Cause everybody loves an accident
And everybody loves what they read

I think he's gonna be a big star
A voice of social change to rearrange the worlds perspective
But there's nothing better than watching him go down
He could pick up a habit or get in trouble
That might be affective

Oh, If he'd just shut off his conscience for one day
And take a cue from all of us
And give us a song we can really play
Doesn't he know he's going down
And going down fast
If he keeps on being difficult
He'll always come in last


Lets take away the stars
Give while enough a add-on
He's calling for backup
But, I'm strong enough to take that phone

There's reason to change
So lets go all have a beer
Cause everybody loves an accident
And everybody loves what they hear

Two sides working together
And working against one another
Two bad souls are destroyed
It's the nature of business
You know how this part is

Oh look, they're losing all of their trust
Oh look, they're trying to bite the helping hand that feeds them
We put clothes on their backs
And they try to take the money up front
Now they don't like what we're saying
So lets up and leave them

We would have done what they are doing anyway
So this shit about taking in the souls
And life's lasting misery
We're gonna take them down
And do it on the front page
Watch those little crooks come crawling back on bended knee


I'm becoming a bore
Now I am wasting ashore
Now I'm still broken
But the subjects been spoken

There's no reason to change
But it sure is fun to advertise a fight
We're feeding off each other once again
But now neither one of us will give an inch until I break

I hope
I hope
I really hope
I hope [Repeat: x4]