Stronger Hearts Testo

Testo Stronger Hearts

Ada walks through the garden
Barefeet in the grass
Summer wind blowing through her hair and her cotton dress
Jacky looks at her like she's an angel
He's never seen anything more perfect
He'll never forget her
No he'll never let her go
No, no, no

Innocence was lost
But they found
Something so beautiful
Yeah they knew it was worth it all
'Cause at least they loved to love
To fall that fall
Every moment of weakness
Makes a stronger heart

Ada looks at the face of her daughter
And sees herself at seventeen
It's getting harder to hide
The life that's inside her
With no wedding ring
Jacky can't help but worry about her
He knows what this little town will say
When they find out his baby girl
Has got a baby on the way

(Repeat Chorus)

Ada held mama's hand
As they welcomed me into the world
And from the moment Jacky saw me
I've always been my papa's girl

(Repeat Chorus)

A stronger heart